Prof.Dr Dilshad Zafar

Prof.Dr Dilshad Zafar is the Editor In Chief of RADS Journal of Social Sciences & Business
Management. She holds the privilege of being the first lady Doctor from the University of
Karachi in the field of Commerce. She has served the Department of Commerce as Chairperson
for almost ten years and has introduced many new programmes in the morning as well as
evening sessions at University of Karachi. Presently she is working as Dean, Business
Administration, Commerce & Economics at Jinnah University for Women. Prof. Dr Dislhad
Zafar holds rich experience in research field; through her scholastic vision she always adds
competitiveness, creativity and fruitfulness in the research arena. Prof Dr Dislhad Zafar has
attended almost 76 National & International Seminars, Conferences, and workshops received 40
Certificates and member of almost 25 committees and hold 26 publications both locally as well
as internationally.



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